NDAEB CPE Training 2 Days Session




Course Overview:

The Dental Assistant Practical Exam Training course is specifically designed to prepare students for the NDAEB CPE (Clinical Practice Examination). This comprehensive program combines online and in-person training, focusing on the in-detail demonstration of each skill required for successful completion of the exam. Students will gain practical knowledge, hands-on practice, and valuable tips and tricks to perform each skill efficiently for the exam without fear.

Course Package Features:

Day 1 – Zoom Session: The course begins with a virtual Zoom session where participants will receive an overview of the exam requirements and guidelines. Key topics such as asepsis and its breakage will be discussed, ensuring students have a strong foundation in infection control protocols.

Day 2 – In-person Hands-on Practice on a Manikin: This day is dedicated to hands-on practice where students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and perform each skill on a manikin. Expert instructors will provide step-by-step guidance, demonstrating the correct techniques and addressing common mistakes made by students. Radiography is not included in this package.

Course Includes:

  • Dos and Don’ts: Students will learn essential guidelines and best practices to follow during the exam, ensuring they demonstrate professionalism and adherence to clinical standards.
  • Asepsis & its Breakage: In-depth training will be provided on maintaining aseptic techniques and preventing contamination, including how to recognize and address instances of asepsis breakage.
  • Demonstration of Each Skill: The 8 skills(excluding radiography) required for the NDAEB CPE exam will be thoroughly demonstrated, allowing students to observe and understand the correct procedures and expectations.
  • Common Mistakes Students Fail: Instructors will highlight common pitfalls and mistakes that students often encounter during the exam, enabling participants to avoid these errors and improve their chances of success.
  • Hidden Tips & Tricks to Pass the Exam: Valuable insider tips and tricks will be shared to help students perform the skills with efficiency and maximize their performance on the exam day.
  • Walkthrough of the Exam Day: Participants will receive a comprehensive walkthrough of the exam day, covering the structure, timing, and logistics of the NDAEB CPE exam.
  • By the end of this Dental Assistant Practical Exam Training course, students will have gained the necessary skills, confidence, and knowledge to successfully pass the NDAEB CPE exam and excel in their dental assisting careers.

Note: The course may be subject to additional materials, resources, and assessments to support student learning and progress.


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