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Dental Assisting in Canada Simplified

Guiding Immigrant Dental Professionals


We are here to train you to become better & confident in practicing Dental Assisting here in Canada.


Here’s how you can make use of Canadie:

  1. WhatsApp us to talk to an NDAEB Certified Level II Immigrant Dental Assistant.
  2. Skim & scan through our website resources to gain as much information as possible.
  3. Enrol for our NDAEB CPE (Clinical Practice Exam) Coaching.
  4. Enrol for our Dental Assistant Level I in-clinic Training Program

CPE Coaching

First-ever training for NDAEB Practical Exam. 



  1. Recorded Training Classes
  2. In-Clinic Hands-on Training
  3. Mock Practicals

Dental Assisting Training

We have stimulated the in-detail process of each assisting duty for you to be ready and not startled when applying for a dental assistant job in this country.



  1. To adapt to Canadian practice culture.
  2. To create the first impression in your first job.
  3. To convert your part-time job into a full-time one.
  4. To get paid more.


canadie dental assistant duties

NDAEB Equivalency

canadie dental assistant duties

NDAEB Written

canadie dental assistant duties

NDAEB Practical

Which Dental Professionals can work as Assistants?

Working as Level I Dental Assistant is applicable to these categories of professionals:

1. International Dentists

2. International Dental Assistants

3. Recently Graduated Dental Assistants


Learn With Canadie Dental

Here is your quick course to equip you for the 1st day of your dental assistant job.

Things You Need To Know

Read through our blogs to know more in detail what needs to be done and how to improvise your dental career in Canada

How to plan your trip to Canada to write your NDAEB Exam

How to plan your trip to Canada to write your NDAEB Exam

The NDAEB exam is pivotal for Canadian dental assistants, granting Level 2 certification. It expands responsibilities, job prospects, and earning potential. With recognized skills, flexibility, and enhanced clinical aptitude, this certification ensures job security...

A Complete Guide to Canada’s PR Process for Dental professionals

A Complete Guide to Canada’s PR Process for Dental professionals

The Canadian government welcomes individuals all over the world to be part of their Permanent Residency to bring out their contribution to the culture and economic growth.The Canadian Permanent Residency (PR)  is a permanent resident status obtained legally by...

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