How to Migrate To Canada ??

Check my CRS Score

Go on PR Visa

You get the PR directly upon landing and thus enjoy all its benefits from the very beginning. But you cannot work as a dentist.

There are two ways to apply as:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker / Express Entry – The whole country needs you
  2. Provincial Nomination Program – Specific Province/State needs you

Some Benefits of PR Visa

  • Free education for your children below the age of 18 years
  • Free health insurance
  • Spouse and children also get Permanent Residency status
  • Access to high-quality education and life
  • Direct PR Student fees are only 1/3 of that of an international student
  • Canadian Citizenship after 3 years of residency

Go on Student Visa

You get an international student visa to study in Canada. But not a PR. Application for PR can be done after the course.

Stages of Student Visa to PR Visa:

  • COURSE – You must do a 1 or 2-year relevant course that is equal to or above your existing qualification.
  • STAY BACK – You get one year stay back for a one-year course and a two-year stay back for a two or three-year course. With a work permit.
  • PR VISA – You can apply for PR during this stay-back period while working on a full-time basis in Canada.

Criteria for PR Application:


IELTS Score is divided into 2 types: Academic & General

Scoring is done in 4 categories: L – Listening ; R – Reading ; W- Writing ; S – Speaking

For each of these, you have to get a minimum score of LRWS – 6666 (Aademic) & 8777 (General).

More the score, the better will be your chances to get through.


Ages below 30 get the highest priority. Any age above this may reduce your CRS score by 10 points. Then you may have to find other areas where you can increase your score.

Marital Status

Single Applications are easier to apply due to less number of documents to submit and the lower amount of Fixed Deposit to be shown in the bank account.

However, the Couple Visa is as popular as a single application for PR you to companionship.


The maximum CRS score is given to candidates with three or more years of experience. However, you can apply with one or two years of experience. Minimum experience required is one year after graduation or licensing.


The dental degree is considered a professional degree in comparison to western degrees, through equivalency, which, in turn, gives you the highest points possible for the CRS score.


Should I apply for student visa or PR visa?

Always try for PR visa even if it might take a longer duration. However, if age and documents are not sufficient, only then consider for Student Visa.

Which among both is the faster way?

Student Visa! PR Visa application may take around 8mo to 1 year, where as Student Visa may get approved in 3 months.

What course can I do in Canada?

Dental Hygienist, Dental Assisting & other Public Health programs are available. It could be Master Degree or Graduate Certificate program.

What jobs (Dental-related) can I do in Canada?

  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Receptionist
  • Dental Products Salesman
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