NDAEB Licensing Explained

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NDAEB- National Dental Assisting Examination Board


The NDAEB, also known as the National Dental Assisting Examination Board, holds immense significance in Canada’s dental industry. Serving as the regulatory authority, it ensures that dental assistants adhere to the required competency standards. The board conducts the DANB (Dental Assisting National Board) examination, a comprehensive assessment evaluating candidates’ knowledge and skills. Successful completion of this exam results in nationwide recognition through certification. Upholding quality and professionalism in dental assisting, the NDAEB plays a vital role. By establishing stringent standards and conducting impartial assessments, it contributes to the overall excellence of dental healthcare and prioritizes patient safety across the country.

All International dentists are allowed to work as dental assistants, but only as Level 1 DA. These Level 1 dental assistants are, however, in less demand compared to the need for level two dental assistance.

Here, take a look at the dental assistant level two job opportunities available in Canada.


In Canada, employment as a Level 2 Dental Assistant offers dental professionals with the required skills and certification a chance to excel. These positions encompass aiding in dental procedures, patient care, and administrative responsibilities. Level 2 Dental Assistants play a vital role in supporting oral healthcare teams and maintaining smooth operations within dental practices.


As an International Dentist, it is, therefore, beneficial to acquire the NDAEB Licence to become a Level II Dental Assistant  due to the following additional Reasons:


    • Better Job Opportunities
    • Better Pay Scale
    • Work Part-Time to Prep for AFK


Now here are your stages to acquiring NDAEB Licence are:



    • You cannot create a profile on the NDAEB portal unless you complete your equivalency.
    • If you have already got the Equivalency approval from NDEB, you can use that.

Canadie Dental offers a wealth of study materials and training for the NDAEB written exam and CPE training packages. Prepare for your NDAEB licensing and invest in your future.

May 18-20CPE training BC
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June 2-3DA/Floater Training
Aug 2-5CPE training ON

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