The Importance of NDAEB Exam for Dental Assisting Professionals in Canada

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Are you aspiring to elevate your dental assisting career to new heights? Whether you’re a dedicated dental assistant or an Internationally Trained Dentist pursuing your Dentist License, passing the NDAEB exam holds paramount importance. Attaining NDAEB certification not only grants you the status of a level 2 certified dental assistant in Canada but also unlocks a world of enhanced opportunities and responsibilities within the field. Here are the key benefits of gaining your Level 2 Dental Assistant certification in Canada: The Importance of NDAEB Exam for Dental Assisting Professionals in Canada
  1. Expanded Job Prospects: Becoming a Level 2 certified dental assistant significantly amplifies your job prospects within the dental industry. A quick glance at available job openings on platforms like Indeed underscores the higher demand for Certified Dental Assistants. By showcasing your skills through certification, you become an attractive candidate for employers, affording you the privilege to choose from a variety of appealing positions.
  2. Higher Earning Potential: In a post-pandemic world, financial stability is more crucial than ever. Level 2 dental assistants command a higher hourly wage due to their specialized responsibilities. In comparison to their Level 1 counterparts, Level 2 Certified Dental Assistants earn an average of $20,000 more annually, with this figure continuing to rise as you advance in your career.
  3. Flexible Working Hours: Level 2 certification empowers you with flexible work hours, enabling a balanced integration of your professional and personal life. You gain the flexibility to select between full-time or part-time hours, aligning with your preferred schedule. Additionally, you can leverage shifts and overtime hours when available, offering you greater control over your work-life equilibrium.
  4. Increased Job Security: Earning the Level 2 Certified Dental Assistant designation underscores your dedication to the profession, instilling confidence in employers. Your commitment is a testament to your work ethic and adaptability, traits that are highly valued in a dental clinical setting. Effective time and task management will play a pivotal role in demonstrating your capabilities.
  5. Professional Recognition: Your Level 2 certification carries substantial weight among companies, patients, and fellow dental professionals. It signifies that you have met the rigorous standards set for a Level 2 Certified Dental Assistant, an acknowledgement that commands respect and admiration.
  6. Access to Advanced Clinical Procedures: As a Level 2 certified dental assistant, you gain access to a wider range of clinical skills, moving beyond basic duties to encompass more advanced chairside tasks and intricate in-mouth procedures. This comprehensive skill set not only refines your diagnostic and treatment planning abilities but also elevates your communication and problem-solving prowess.
  7. Opportunity for Advancement:Armed with Level 2 certification, you can embark on a journey of advancement by assuming leadership roles, engaging in continuous education, and participating in professional development initiatives. This progression could lead to roles such as Dental Receptionist or Office Administrator, offering greater compensation and responsibilities.
Becoming a Level 2 Certified Dental Assistant in Canada is a transformative step in your dental career. Whether you’re an internationally trained dentist seeking alignment with dentistry or an ambitious dental assistant aiming for professional growth, NDAEB certification holds the key to a realm of possibilities. Embrace the opportunity to excel and stand out in the dynamic world of dental care. Get certified today to secure your place as a respected and accomplished dental professional.

May 18-20CPE training BC
May 4-5CPE training ON
May 26-28CPE Exam ON
June 2-3DA/Floater Training
Aug 2-5CPE training ON

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